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Hardware, Software, Tools and Suggestions for New or Experienced 3D Printing Users

Check out our information on 3D Printers, hardware upgrades, software, tools and 3D Printing Tips below!

3D Printing
3D Printer
Colleagues Working Together

We hope the content of this site will help you begin your journey in 3D Printing and assist you along the way. Our content will be updated frequently, so be sure to check back for great recommendations and tips!

Make sure to check out our Projects page to view past and current projects. We will provide links to the files used and share our machine and slicer settings and filament choices so you can have an idea of what we did to complete those projects.  

We will also provide you with tutorials on how we created some of our custom work, mostly created using tinkercad and LuBan. Check out our Software page for more information!

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