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10mm Can Holder

All mechanics, probably anyone with any set of tools, know that you can never find a 10mm socket or wrench when you need it. Now you can always have one available!

This design makes for a beautiful print, and will make a fantastic gift! You can find it on thangs and it will hold a 12oz can with ease.

I printed this using 20% infill and used eSun Light Brown PLA. I used supports only for the handle and blocked off all other areas. Supports were set in Cura to touch the build plate only.

10mm Soda Can Holder Before Painted
10mm Soda Can Holder Before Painted

To finish this, I used Dupli-Color Filler/Primer and sanded it as needed. After that had dried and was ready for the first topcoat, I used a tack cloth and canned air to clean the object. The topcoat is Krylon Fusion Metallic Silver. It has 4 coats. I used a Krylon Fusion Gloss Clear for the sealer.

Instead of painting, you can print this in a silver silk PLA or other colors.

I will be excited to give this out this Christmas, and I can't wait to see their reaction! It is a great design, easy to print and to finish.

Happy printing!


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