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Bring Magic with an Elf Door

Our kiddos love Elf on the Shelf. We have a lot of fun providing the magic, and the joy we see in our kid's eyes when they find their beloved Jingles in the morning is worth the effort. Our Elves are a bit different though, they don't report back to Santa. They just like to cause mischief or provide goodies.

This year, my wife asked me to make something for Jingles. A Magic Door.

The photo above is from the designer. My door didn't come out as nice, I think I'll try again for next year to get the wood grain effect on it.

Jingles with his Magic Door
Jingles with his Magic Door

I used an Ender 3 for the door and the stone outer frame. The rest of the Magic Door was printed on a FLSUN Q5. The original design actually is too big for the Ender 3, so I had to scale it down to 80% to fit correctly.

Originally, the stone door frame was going to be printed in marble PLA, but I didn't have any on hand and didn't have time to order it in before I printed it. I used eSun Black PLA instead. The door was printed in eSun Light Brown PLA. Since both were a bit plain, I decided to use antique gold Rub-n-Buff to try and dress it up a bit.

The Magic Door is a blast to print, and brings some great fun for the kids! I hope it can bring you and your kids fun and joy as well!

Happy printing!


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