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Completed Indiana Jones Props

This was certainly a fun project, and I have learned a lot. Mostly that I need patience. It takes time to properly sand, spray without drips, paint without drips, let things dry properly, setting things properly with the E6000. For the first time actually doing any type of major post-processing, I think I did alright. Here are the completed items:

Headpiece to the Staff of Ra

This was the easiest one to post-process, and it came out great!

I mainly followed HappyTrooper's process below, and I am glad I did.

After the sanding and priming (click here to see that article), I used Krylon Satin Espresso Brown as the base coat. I applied 4 coats, mostly because that is what it took for me to get this done while hanging inside a box from an untwisted coat hanger. I waited about 10 minutes between coats.

Headpiece to the Staff of Ra - Espresso Brown spray paint
Headpiece to the Staff of Ra - Espresso Brown

Espresso Brown Base Coat completed
Base Coat Applied

I waited 48 hours before applying the Rub n Buff Antique Gold. This stuff is amazing and created the perfect finish for this piece.

TIP Wear gloves. Apply a small amount to your index finger and then rub your index and thumb together some before applying. This will ensure you won't have too much going on at once, which will hide the details instead of making them pop.

Rub n Buff Applied to the Headpiece of the Staff of Ra
Rub n Buff Applied

The only thing left is to apply the jewel. I used a 14mm flatback Ruby Red Rhinestone

This came in a 72 pack, so I have plenty left for other projects. For this though, you only need 2 of them, so if you can find a smaller pack or find them at a craft store, go for it!

I applied these using E6000 adhesive. This stuff stinks! I suggest using this in a well-ventilated area or wearing a respirator. It is a very strong adhesive, but you do have about a minute of playtime when getting the stone in position. Add some pressure for a few seconds and let it set for about 48 hours.

Completed Headpiece to the Staff of Ra
Completed Headpiece to the Staff of Ra

Cross of Coronado

This was a more involved piece to make. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to print the ornamentation that goes around the pearls. I couldn't get them to print correctly. Even without those, I think this still turned out okay. I need a steadier hand when painting though.

After the primer, I used Krylon Fusion All-in-One Gold. This was just a couple of coats, with about 10 minutes between.

Base Coat of Gold
Base Coat of Gold

Next, I used Testors Dark Blue Enamel paint. I thought this would be easy since there are very direct lines to stay in. Yeah, a steady hand and some patience would do well here. I used two different-sized brushes and even toothpicks to help get this down.

TIP: This stuff smells horrible. I suggest working in a well-ventilated area or wearing a respirator. Also, put something down that you won't mind getting damaged if you get the enamel on it. I painted on top of a broken-down cardboard box.

Blue Enamel Applied
Blue Enamel Applied

For the round pearl holders, I strong those on a coat hanger and painted them. After they dried 24 hours, I applied flat-backed Pearl Beads using E6000. If I remember correctly, the cross required 6mm and 8mm pearls, but measure yours to make sure you get the correct size. I had to scale the entire piece down to fit my printer. I'm sure I'll use the extras on another fun project later.

Pearl Accents
Pearl Accents

I wanted to use a mother-of-pearl flexible veneer, however, I ended up accidentally buying the wrong product. What I ended up getting was a more plastic-like inlay material used for guitars. Trying to measure and properly cut to size what I needed was difficult, so make sure you buy the right product to make it easier.

This is the completed cross. I must have bumped the Jesus figure after applying the glue and didn't nice, so it isn't as straight as I would like. The stringing from the glue was removed after this photo with a toothpick.

Completed Cross
Completed Cross

Holy Grail

I dropped the ball on this one. I just left this sprayed with a couple of coats of Krylon Fusion All-in-One Gold. I chose not to try brushing on the color to make it more like the movie. There is actually a great video by Galaxy Built on how to properly paint it, which I have below.

Holy Grail
Holy Grail

Fertility Idol

This really did not end up how I wanted it to. I didn't do a great job with sanding and ensuring a smooth surface to work with. I ended up with cracks showing in the paint. I needed to take my time in making sure I didn't have drips and runs and I had to tweak the color some. There is too much orange color and where the drips and runs pooled at, it looks like solid orange globs.

Some people suggested that printing with ABS and using the acetone smoothing process would be a great idea for this project if I choose to do it again.

For this, I followed Court Jones' video. I don't have an airbrush, so I just used spray paint. After the primer was complete, I used Krylon Fusion All-In-One Gloss White, then Krylon Metallic Silver.

Fertility Idol with Gloss White
Fertility Idol with Gloss White

For the gold finish, I used Liquitex High Gloss Varnish with yellow food coloring mixed in.

TIP: I had organic food coloring, which DID NOT work well for this. Use the fake stuff.

TIP: Take your time! Use proper brushes, catch the drips, don't let it pool anywhere on the object.

This will take several applications to get the finish you like. I applied four times.

2 coats applied

4 coats applied
4 coats applied

I had fun with these projects and if it inspires you or helps you out, that is great! Happy printing!


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