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Disney Christmas Globe

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

This magical Disney Christmas Lithophane night light will make a great gift or addition to your Christmas decor!

Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Minie and Daisy Christmas Lithophane Globe
Disney Christmas Globe

Where to Find STL

This fantastic print comes from Ludo3D. He is a very talented designer and offers works like this for a great price. You can get it at cults3d by clicking here.


As you can see in the picture, I had some issues with a partial clog while printing. This caused the lithophane to print with some defects. I will be re-printing this, hopefully with no clog.

I printed the lithophane using Cura and the gadunky lithophane profile. I used eSun Cool White. Total print time for me was around 26 hours for this part.

The base and top were printed using eSun Fire Engine Red. I did not use supports for these and each part took about 3 hours to print.


Ludo3D's lithophane night light globes use puck lights. I bought these battery-operated lights that have a remote control.

Here is what my Disney Christmas Globe looks like using the puck light. I am manually changing the colors for this video.

You can also modify the base using meshmixer or tinkercad to accommodate an LED light bulb. These LED lights work great for box lithophanes as well.

You can also use a moon lamplight, or a COB Light for this project as well, again after making changes to the base to accommodate it.

I hope this project helps inspire you to light up someone's Christmas with this fantastic Disney Christmas Globe! Happy printing!


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