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Elevate Your Gift Card Giving With a Gift Card Box

I am a horrible gift-giver. Even if I know someone well, I always fumble about what gift to get them for any occasion. My typical go-to is a gift card - I at least know where they like to eat and shop, so why not let them pick out their unique gift, right?

Now I can up my Gift Card game with this fantastic 3D-printed Gift Card Box! This box is easy to print, and with tinkercad or other software, you have an unlimited number of ways you can customize it.

3D printed gift card box in blue diamond pattern with a white band that has a snowflake on it
Gift Card Box with Snowflake band

Gift Card Box opened to show gift card inside
Gift Card Box Opened

Where to Find

This Gift Card Box was created by 3D Printy. You can find the file for it on thangs. This is a free file, which is very generous!

3D Printy also has many other prints; check them out while on thangs.

Printing the Box

I didn't have to make any adjustments to this print. I used Cura's default Dynamic Quality. No supports were needed.

Assembling the Box

3D Printy has a great video on how to assemble the box, which I included below

Endless Possibilities

Get creative! You can choose from any number of amazing filaments to print these. Giving a gift card for graduation? Use the school colors! Want to add something a bit more? Use tinkercad or 3D Builder to customize the plain box or band with a school logo or someone's name. Babyshower? Emboss some baby bottles or animals. It's really the sky's the limit with how you can make this a unique gift in and of itself.

The person receiving the gift card in this box will really enjoy the box itself as much as the card. The box is something I wouldn't mind seeing re-gifted too!


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