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Off With Your Head!

The Queen of Hearts is one of a series of files by raddadsteve that he shares for free on thingiverse. What makes his designs unique is that he makes each part its own file. This way, you can print the different parts in whatever colors you want to print them in. This is amazing as it allows you to just print the parts and put them together and not have to worry about painting.

Queen of Hearts in progress
Queen of Hearts in progress

Queen of Hearts in progress
Queen of Hearts in progress


I printed this piece using my Creality Ender 3 printer.

The objects were sliced using Cura and the default Standard Quality .2mm profile.

None of the pieces required supports.

Every printer can be a bit different, but I used 210 for the hot end and 65 for the bed. If you are using a new filament, I suggest you print a Temp Tower to make sure you get the best results.

TIP If the smaller parts (eyebrows and dots in the eyes) don't fit correctly, you may need to scale the part down. The default size was a bit large for me, so I scaled down the parts by 3% and that seemed to have worked best. I still haven't gotten the hang of getting the black dot for the eye complete. Maybe I need to go to a .1 nozzle size or just paint them in.


The red and black parts of the dress was the most difficult part to put together. The white part is the base that all the rest sit on, and mine fit a bit loosely. That made it a bit hard for me to put them together correctly as I wanted to have the best fit while gluing. I think if I would have used a rubber band and/or twine or another set of hands to help hold things together as I glued it would be been easier.

Once the dress was complete, everything else fit beautifully.

Filaments Used

Most of the filament I use is from eSun, however, I asked what raddadsteve has used for the skin and he suggested Paramount3D Skin - Universal Beige. This printed like butter! It is a great filament to use. I used it for several more Alice prints as well.

The rest of the filament I used was eSun Black, Yellow, Fire Engine Red, and Cool White

Happy printing!


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