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Prints not sticking? Maybe too stuck?

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Get you Magnetic Build Surface from Amazon here:

When I started printing, I had a heck of a time getting parts off the stock bed without getting cool first (which took time) or using a scraper to pry it off (could damage the surface).

I decided to purchase the Magnetic Build Surface to resolve the issue.

This build surface is flexible, allowing for easy print removal as soon as it is complete with little or no cooling.

The surface is also easy to clean. Having a clean bed helps ensure proper adhesion during print. I have cleaned the bed with soap and water if I had to use glue to help adhesion, and then hand dried. For regular use, without glue, I use alcohol pads to wipe the surface clean of any residue from my hands or the previous print.

Another feature I like is that sometimes the prints need to cool before removal (usually thinner prints for me, so I avoid warping them when I remove them). I can quickly and easily pop on another Magnetic Build Surface and start printing again with no downtime.


  • Ensure the magnets are aligned to create the strongest connection between the two pieces. Do this before installing anything

  • Manually move your bed back and forth after install to make sure the sides of the build surface are not rubbing against any parts. Adjust as needed

  • Heat the bed up to your average bed temperature (I tend to use 65C) and relevel the bed

Get you Magnetic Build Surface from Amazon here:


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